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This is the ONLY room in the entire house I somehow failed to photograph before we started renovation, so you are getting the "after" shot right off the bat on this tour!  I still find myself going back into my photo album to see if one will magically appear - I love a good before and after!   


Before we started renovations, this room had a white pedestal sink and matching toilet.  There was an oval mirror above the sink with a gold light fixture.  I can not remember the wall color, but I believe it was dark.  When we toured the home, I remember thinking how nice it would be to have a guest bathroom right off the main living area.  


We originally planned to leave this room as is and only paint.  However, when we discussed flooring for the first floor that changed.  I knew I wanted a seamless look when the door was open to this room which meant carrying the flooring into this space as well.  So, we decided to tear up the floor.  During the process of ripping up the floors and baseboards, my husband said it would be Ia good time to take out the toilet and sink if we wanted.  Of course I was on board as I already had a design idea for this space.  Ten minutes later he was walking past me carrying out the sink. GAME ON!  

I started designing the space in my head and knew I wanted an open vanity due to the room being small.  I wanted the room to feel as big and open as possible.  I had been eyeing the metal frame vanities on Pinterest and knew that would be perfect and modern!


When I started sourcing out the pieces for the room, I ran into a problem.  All of the metal frame vanities I found were pretty pricey.  I found the one below on Pottery Barn with a high dollar "Pottery Barn" price tag which was not in our budget.  Prices were ranging anywhere from $700-1600 for a good quality metal frame vanity from a reputable manufacturer.       

Screen Shot 2022-02-15 at 9.32.13 AM.png

Remember in my "About Me" page where I mentioned I had a handy husband?!?  I told him the problem and turned the computer around to show him the Pottery Barn piece.  He looked it at all of 2 seconds before tuning back into his fishing show and said "yeah, I can do that."  SCORE!  I quickly texted him the screenshot for reference.

Over the next couple of weeks, I sourced out the sink, mirror, light fixture, shelf, decor, etc.  My husband worked on the metal frame, ordered the pipes for the plumbing and sent me to a local electrical supply store to pick out the toilet. Siler City friends, S & J Plumbing has great prices on quality toilets.  We also painted the bathroom walls in our custom paint color, but with a Pearl finish to match the rest of the main living area.  More on this custom color in the main living area tour.    

I found this deep sink basin on Amazon for a great price.  Once it arrived, my husband could measure for the vanity frame. Our go-to local plumber, Murray's Plumbing & Water installed the toilet as well as the other new toilets in the house.  


Nothing excites me more than getting texts like this one below from my husband.  He finished up the metal vanity frame and would be bringing it home to test how it fit with the sink.  My husband works with metal fabrication for his job and is also a perfectionist no matter how big or small the job.  I always pride him in taking his time and doing the job right, even if I rush him because I am so excited about the end result.


Below is the fit test with the sink basin.  Our light fixture came in so we measured for the mirror and hardwired/mounted the fixture on the wall above where the mirror would go.  I went with this matte black fixture from Wayfair to match the metal vanity frame and modern look I was going for.   


After we knew it fit and did not need any adjustments, he took it back to work to get it painted.  It was painted a matte black to match the light fixture.  Here is it all painted and joining it is our new mirror that arrived the same week.  I found this gold mirror at Target. It is part of the Threshold line designed with Studio McGee.  It also comes in black, however, I love mixing metals to add some interest.  I also went with rounded edges to soften up the harsh lines of the other elements in the room.   

IMG_2724 2.HEIC

The faucet arrived and my husband installed and did all the plumbing for it.  I went with this matte black faucet on Amazon to match the other black elements in the room.   We realized right away we did not love the stainless steel pipes so my husband painted them to blend in with everything else.  


We finished the project before Thanksgiving!  Here it is all decorated - we are so THANKFUL it turned out how we wanted.  We mounted this matte black towel bar from Amazon on the wall and added this wall shelf from Lowes. 


And here it is decorated for Christmas/Winter!


My husband did an amazing job re-creating this designer look for a fraction of the cost! 


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