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Come on in!

We live in a Traditional style home that was built in the 1990's.  When we purchased it, it needed some updates to bring it up to date and fit the style we were trying to achieve.  We originally planned to scrape the ceilings, paint the entire first floor and put down new floors.  We decided to move into the second floor bonus area and not move anything into the first floor until we were finished.  However, when you start renovating, you can easily fall down a rabbit hole.  One project leads to another, leads to another, etc.  A couple weeks ended up turning into 4 months as we found ourselves saying "well, we might as well do this while we are living upstairs".  Those original 3 renovations turned into a total gut job of the entire first floor.  We did everything from tearing out the kitchen, changing all the light fixtures, ripping out the closets, replacing the toilets, etc.  We are finally finished with the first floor so come on in and take a look...



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