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|FRONT PORCH SWEET TEA| Room + Linen Spray

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High Quality Fragrance Oils

+ Minimal Ingredients: Distilled Water, Polysorbate 20, Preservative, Fragrance
+ Beautiful Amber Glass Bottle

Size: 5.5" Tall, 2" Wide

Net Contents: 4 oz.

Directions for use:

Shake well before using and spray into the center of the room away from your face and eyes. Hold bottle 8" - 10" away from linen areas so the mist falls onto the surface. Not intended to be used as a body spray. Keep away from children and pets. Patch test in a conspicuous area to check for discoloration.


Being from the South, I was raised on sweet tea. It was served at every meal and acceptable day or night! It is still my drink of choice to this day. I especially love my mama's sweet tea! When I moved into my first apartment at college, I remember calling home and asking my mom how to make it so I could enjoy fresh brewed tea while away at school. I still make it the same way today.

This scent reminds me of brewing tea - when you catch a whiff as you are pouring the hot tea into the pitcher and it is mixing with the sweet sugar. I hope this scent will make you want to enjoy some sweet tea on your front porch!

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