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|I "CHEWS" YOU| Kid Craft Kit

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Product Details

Valentine's Day themed fun craft kit perfect for preschool and elementary age kids. All supplies needed are included in the kit.


  • 3" terra-cotta flower pot and saucer
  • 2" glass round bowl
  • Individual size super glue
  • Round wood bead
  • Red and pink acrylic paint
  • 1 flat brush/1 round brush
  • 1 "coin slot" sticker
  • 1 pack of gumballs
  • 1 printed sheet of assembly instructions with ideas on how to reuse the craft for other seasons

Box size is 6"x6"x6"

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD - Kits contain small pieces and a pack of gumballs. Younger kids will need adult assistance and supervision. Adults feel free to swap out the gumballs for another snack choice on your own.

The Story:

My kids love to craft and I love to create craft kits based off of their interests.

My son is the inspiration behind this craft kit. He is a gumball machine fanatic. There was a point in time where he would purchase a gumball machine each time he saw one in a store. He always has his quarters ready when we exit a store to purchase a gumball!

I hope you child loves creating this gumball machine as much as mine did!

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