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DIY Stocking Hanging Idea

Today, I am showing you how I hung our stockings this year!


I had been on the hunt for a decorative ladder for our living room, but could never find the color or height I wanted for the space. I found this ladder while shopping at Hobby Lobby for holiday decor. I love the color and the slightly raw edges which give it a rustic touch. I love that it looks like it came straight out of an old barn and has a story to tell. I decided it would be the perfect way to display our stockings this year and I could use it to hang our throws on after the holidays. It is super lightweight so I can move it from room to room to switch things up.

I wanted to decorate it to match our holiday decor. I purchased this jute twine along with these antique cow bells to make a garland. I simply measured out the twine, spaced out the bells and tied them onto the twine. I then draped it from the top and zig-zagged it down the length of the ladder.

I used the same twine to tie the stockings onto the ladder. Hobby Lobby had these cozy white knit stockings with pom poms that I picked up for me and my husband. I tied the kids' stockings down a couple steps on the opposite side.

I went outside and cut some fresh greenery from our cypress trees to tie at the top of the stocking to bring in an organic element. I tied twine to 4 of the cow bells making each one a little longer. I tied all 4 of the bells together and tied them on top of the greenery. I love the look of the antique gold bells against the crisp, greenery.

I placed a natural bushel basket that I purchased at a local antique mall at the bottom of the ladder to hold our throws. I placed a black textured urn (DIY coming soon) beside the basket for a little modern pop.

Tell me in the comments if you displayed your stockings in a unique way this holiday season!

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