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Hey friends! Can you believe that Christmas is officially over? It always comes and goes so fast. I have been enjoying this Christmas break so much. We have spent amazing time with family and friends, enjoyed delicious food, slept in and stayed in our pjs most of the days, worked on our new prep kitchen (blog post coming soon), played the Nintendo way too much and just relaxed. With work starting back, we decided to start boxing up Christmas decor. I thought a few of you might be preparing to do the same thing, so today I wanted to share my tips on how to transition from Christmas decor to winter decor. It's actually a lot easier than you might think! I'm excited to show you how a few of my favorite Christmas decorations are playing double-duty and staying out for the winter months.



My first step in transitioning to winter decor is to go around the house and gather up any Christmas decor that you know will not work for winter (ornaments, nativity, wreaths, swags, anything that says "Merry Christmas" or "Ho Ho Ho", etc.) Go ahead and box it up for next year and get rid of anything else you just aren't loving anymore. Make sure you only have out items that really bring you joy going into the new year.


The easiest way to transition from Christmas decor to winter decor is taking away all of the red. A lot of Christmas decorations can easily double as winter, but what's most often missing from the winter decor is the pops of red. It is pretty obvious that I love neutrals and not a huge fan of color so this isn't an issue for me as I only use touches of red at Christmas.


I enjoy my Christmas trees so much! I do not like the feeling of emptiness that often comes after taking them down so I leave mine up a little longer, but leave them bare. You simply take off all the ornaments and lights. If you have pre-lit trees, just leave the lights on the tree, but do not plug them in. I think this idea totally works in the weeks following Christmas and I love the rustic feeling of a bare tree. Plus, I am excited to decorate some of the trees for Valentines Day!


Winter decor doesn't have to be big and bold like Christmas. After Christmas, I like to tone things down and keep it simple. I love to add in rustic touches like pinecones. I actually used pinecones in my Christmas decor and decided to keep using them throughout my home during the winter.

I also love to add in some heirloom pieces. I decided to display my late Grandmother's Bible as part of our winter decor. I love the thought of cuddling up on the couch with a cozy throw blanket and reading her Bible which she used to record important dates. I added some wooden beads as easy winter decor!


This is my favorite tip as you get to use allllllll things cozy! Cozy pillows, throw blankets, sweaters, layers, etc. Adding in cozy items and layers is a way to instantly make your space feel more warm and inviting.


I love to use "leather" in the winter time! I love the warmth it adds to your space and instantly reminds me of curling up on a big leather chair at a ski lodge.

I hope you will find these tips helpful as you transform your Christmas decor into winter decor. And if you already have your winter decor out, please share in the comments a tip you found helpful!

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