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MY TOP 25 AMAZON FAVORITES FOR THE HOME (Perfect Christmas gifts edition)

Today, I am sharing with you my favorite AMAZON home finds that would make perfect last minute Christmas gifts. There are all tried and true items that I have in my home and enjoy!


AMAZON has been my go-to shopping platform for quite some time. I personally love to shop online (hello COVID and AMAZON always has what I need and can get it to me in a timely manner. The Prime van should have a designated parking space in our drive and I always get a kick out of my kids recognizing the van out in public.

Now, on to my favorites with links and descriptions. I have tried to linked items that will arrive before Christmas along with how I use the items in my home.

Happy shopping!

1. I absolutely love this Anker Wall Charger for our Bamboo Charging Station. It can easily fit in the bottom section of the charging station and can charge up to five devices. This way we do not have to plug in 5 different cords to the wall. It can also be used behind beds to charge multiple computers, mobile phones, iPADs, etc.

2. I love this whole line of Studio Gallery Frames and use them all over my house. So affordable and comes in multiple sizes/colors. I use the "wood grain" look in our main living area but also am a sucker for the black frames as well!

3. Our family loves this Bamboo Charging Station for all our devices. We are able to charge all of our phones, iPADS, etc. in one spot. It is pretty and functional = a win!

4. This is the Bible that both of my kids carry to church on Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings. I love that it is written in a story form making it easier for them to follow and they also enjoy the colorful illustrations. I have used it several times when teaching Sunday school. This would make a great first Bible gift for any child.

5. My husband gifted me this beautiful Bible for my birthday a few years ago. I love the floral cover and the inside is filled with graphic verses. This would make a great gift for a special lady in your life.

6. I gifted my mom, aunt and granny this USB Lighter last Christmas. I use it daily to light candles, etc. You charge it like you do your phone and it is good to go for a long time. It is safe because there is no flame and it is windproof. Never worry about sparks again. It also has a long, bendable arm to reach those hard to access candles. Comes in multiple colors and makes the perfect stocking stuff this Christmas!

7. Any mom, teacher or person who loves to organize will appreciate this 3-Tier Rolling Utility Cart. It comes with shelves, wheels, hanging cups and is offered in 3 pretty colors. I have an upcoming tutorial on how I use this for my daughter's Barbie dolls and accessories. I chose to leave the wheels off and did not add the handle so it sits stationary in our playroom. I cant wait to show you moms how amazing this is! This would make a great addition to a pantry, homework station, arts and crafts storage, etc.

8. I have everyone in my family hooked on this little Garment Steamer. It heats up so fast and gets wrinkles out better than an iron. I actually gave my iron away and only use this bad boy for steaming our clothes. I use it every morning before school on our outfits. It is so small, I can take it with us on the weekends as we travel. I also use it to steam our curtains, bed sheets and anything that comes crumpled up in the mail.

9. This is the Amazon Echo Dot that we have in our kids' rooms. I can not say enough great things about Alexa. We have one in about every room of our home. I love having one for the kids' rooms because I can drop in on them to listen to what they are doing or make an announcement like an intercom. They love to play music in their bedrooms, ask it to tell jokes or play hide and seek. I also have morning routines set up which include an alarm clock, customized music and demands for getting ready, weather, etc. At night they love the night light feature and asking it to play them a bedtime story. We have the black color, but I linked the one that would arrive before Christmas for the purpose of this post.

10. These soap dispensers have become one of my favorite purchases in the kitchen. You get 2 glass bottles (farmhouse/modern) style with WATERPROOF labels!! I love the modern look of the labels with the vintage bottles. The pumps are available in 3 different finishes, but the matte black is my favorite to match any style. These would make the cutest gift set if you put them on a marble or wood tray and added your favorite soap!

11. I use this Wall Mount Wire Basket Organizer in our pantry to house all the kids' school papers and library books. I hang it right under their book bags and put items in it that they need to take the next day or keep out for the week. It has come in so handy! It would make a great magazine rack or pantry storate.

12. This JBL Bluetooth Speaker is awesome! I use our everywhere - home and beach! It can clip from a bag on the boat or pool to clipping on a hook in a bathroom or on a tree outside. Literally, can take it anywhere. Best is, it is waterproof and sand-proof. I have got it wet and sandy so many times and it is still going strong after a couple years. It has a great sound as well!

13. Adjustable Spice Drawer Organizer - This little gem has helped me organize all my herbs and spice in such a glamorous way. Ha! Seriously, I can not even believe how organized my spice drawer looks. I am planning on doing a whole spice drawer tutorial later on the blog with pictures, links and details on how to achieve a custom spice drawer.

14. I keep a huge jug of Mrs. Meyer's Dish Soap Refill under my kitchen sink to refill my Dish Soap Container. I absolutely love the Basil and Lemon Verbena scent.

15. These are the Essential Oils that I buy to use in my oil diffuser.

16. This First Aid Kit is a great gift for anyone with moving into a new home. It is also compact enough to put in your glove box of your car. We also have one that we like to keep on the boat. It has come in super handy many, many times.

17. I love the modern look of Acrylic Dry Erase Boards. I have this wall calendar as well as a menu that I keep in our pantry for our weekly meals. This wall calendar is mounted in our entry hall to the garage. I write the kids' school schedule and our monthly events on it so we can keep up with what is going on.

18. Every home NEEDS this Box Cutter tool. I use it to open up all our packages. It also comes in very handy when opening up toy boxes from birthday parties and Christmas. It has 2 different ends to use and comes with extra blade storage.

19. This Digital Picture Frame makes a wonderful gift for anyone. I gifted a couple of these last Christmas to family to send pictures of the kids. You can send directly from your phone to the digital picture frame. Perfect for family members who do not live close by.

20. I have really enjoyed this Instant Pot Rice Cooker. It is perfect for cooking or steaming rice, quinoa, oatmeal, etc. and at such an affordable price. I love that it has a "keep warm" feature so when the rice is finished, I can keep it warm until our meal is ready to eat.

21. This Fire Stick comes in and out of stock and is normally $20! It is also compatible with Alexa. I currently have this on the TV in our Master Bedroom and love using the voice activation to watch Netflix or Amazon Prime shows while I am folding clothes or relaxing before bed. I also love to watch YouTube makeup or hair tutorials while getting ready.

22. I have used this Essential Oil Diffuser in our home for a couple years now. I buy different scented oils depending on the season. I keep this particular one in our kitchen and it really makes the room smell great. Plus the benefits of essentials oils are endless!

23. Santa brought this Popcorn Machine to our kids last Christmas and we ALL love it! We use it on family movie nights, birthday parties and when we have friends over for playdates. I love that it comes with so many little accessories (measuring cup, measuring spoon and scoop for serving). It also has a neat kernel catcher feature at the bottom which makes it easy to clean. All you have to do is buy your favorite kernels, plug it in and you are ready to go! Tip - I like to add a spoonful of butter right after oil for more flavor. We have the black machine, which is unavailable at this time but it is also offered in classic red.

24. A Return Address Stamp is a MUST for any home. Especially at Christmas when you are sending out all those beautiful Christmas cards. When we moved into our new home, I knew I had to have one with our new address. This one is SOOO good. It was affordable, easy to customize and arrived earlier than I expected. I just love the personal touch it adds to all our outgoing mail!

25. I am linking this cute Drawstring Gift Bag Set with tags to "wrap" all your Christmas presents in. I means who has time to wrap last minute gift items, right?!?

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