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Today, I am showing you an easy DIY project on how to make neutral/textured eggs. Especially, if you are someone who is not in love with pastel colors - which seems to be in most stores for the Spring season. As someone who likes to add subtle seasonal touches to my everyday decor - I chose to pair my textured eggs with moss and added them in my baguette board.

I did not link products, because all of the products for this project can be found at your local Walmart. I included pictures of the products for you to look for when shopping online or onsite.



+Plastic Dyeable Eggs

+Artificial moss (if adding to a bowl)

+Mod Podge

+Acrylic paints (brown, black & white)


+Foam plates

+salt & pepper

+bowl (one you have at home)


Open up the eggs and put them on a foam plate. Lay out a second foam plate for sprinkling on the salt. Brush each egg with a layer of Mod Podge, then sprinkle with a coating of salt. You can go heavier with the salt in some areas if you would like a different look.

I used fine and course salt for different textures.


Let the eggs dry for at least 30 minutes. You will be able to tell when the Mod Podge and salt is dry because it will be hard and not flake off as easily. After the eggs are dry, rub off the excess salt with your fingers.


Squeeze out 2 blobs of white paint on a plate. Add a drop of brown paint to one and a drop of black paint to the other. Mix with your brush until you have the desired color. Makes as many shades of color as you would like. Paint or dab each egg with the brush. I used a dabbing technique and also went back and forth my colors until I reached my desired look. I like to start light and then go darker in some areas. I was trying to create the look of weathered concrete.


Let the eggs dry.


Add moss to your bowl and spread the eggs around.

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