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Winter Hot Cocoa Bar using Dollar General items

Today, I am showing you an affordable and beautiful way to enjoy hot cocoa all winter long.


There is just something magical about hot cocoa, right?!? A mug of hot cocoa takes me right back to my childhood at my Granny Phillips' house. She would mix up a big of pot of Ovaltine Hot Chocolate for all us grandkids and we would keep it warm on the freestanding fireplace in her living room.

I wanted to create that same memory for my kids by designating a spot all winter long to enjoy hot chocolate. I thought a self-serve station would be fun for the kids. All I have to do is warm up the milk and they take it from there. I purchased the tray, glass jars, ramekins, glass cups and all the toppings from Dollar General. The tray is from the craft section at DG and is unfinished wood. I put a light coat of stain I had left over from another project on it. I also sprayed the lids of the glass jars with a metallic to match my decor. I cut the greenery sprigs from the trees outside our house. The wooden scoops are from Hobby Lobby.

This set up has been a hit with my kids from the first day. They love adding their toppings and seeing which tastes the best.

It warms my heart to know that I started a tradition that the kids will remember year after year.

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