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Spring might be the season for deep cleaning, but the cold weathers means its time to get started on organization projects. Between the early sunsets and cold temperatures, most of us are inside the house more often in the winter. While you're stuck inside, why not give yourself a more organized home? Plus, it will give you the perfect backdrop to jump into spring cleaning in a few months!

I would like to dedicate the next couple of months on the blog to "WINTER ORGANIZATION" and would like to start off the series with an entry zone area!



When we purchased our home, it had a great area right off the garage that I knew would make an awesome zone for coming and going. This is the way my family enters our home on a daily basis. I knew I wanted to create and organize a functional "command center" area which included wall hooks, ingoing/outgoing mail, key holder, calendar, a spot to take off/put on shoes etc.

After our interior walls were painted, my husband and I nailed a leftover piece of wood we had from another project onto the wall. I wanted to add a little bit of warmth and break up the wall space. We then painted the bottom portion of the wall with our accent color that we used throughout our home.

I then went shopping for all the organizing elements I wanted to add to the wall.

I purchased the floral wreath from Dollar General and made the Welcome sign at a friend's craft party.

I loved organizing this area to make it more functional for our family. I am so happy with how it turned out!

I found the oversized wood welcome sign in store at Dollar General as well as the woven basket for an umbrella. My mom gifted us the vintage wooden stool from an antique shop.


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