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This one is for all you mom's who feel like "Barbie" is another member of your household. She has this beautiful dream house, however, her stuff ends up all over the house! My little girl is 6 and is in that magical stage where she loves to play with Barbie dolls. It warms my heart to hear her having conversations between her Barbie friends and dressing them up for special occasions. But let's be real, Barbie has way too many accessories and really no good way to organize it. I search Pinterest for organizing ideas and could not find anything better than the plastic bins we were using. It was like searching for a needle in a haystack! Then, I came across this rolling cart on Amazon:

This little cart literally rolled in and saved our Barbie storage problem! Let me show you how we use it to keep Barbie organized:

First, I did not install the handle that came with the cart. I chose to leave it off since the cart would be stationary for us. Also, I did not install the wheels for this very same reason.


The top section of the cart comes with plastic dividers that you can move around. You can create big or small sections depending on what you need. I used all of the dividers to create as many sections as I could for all the small accessories (shoes, clothes hangers, purses, jewelry, food, kitchen accessories, etc.)


I store all of the Barbie "sets" or extra furniture for the dream house in the middle and bottom sections of the cart. It is perfect for storing her special themed Barbie sets.


The cart also comes with 3 cups and 4 hooks to hang on the side of the cart. I like to use the cups to store the dolls. The dolls stand up perfectly in the cups. I use the hooks to hang extra furniture pieces, specialty sets, bicycle, etc.

We have used this system for several months now and I love it! It is easy to maintain because everything has a spot. My daughter is able to find the accessories she needs and knows which section to return them to when cleaning up. I parked the cart beside her Barbie dream house so everything is easily accessible while she plays.

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