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    A CELEBRATE |Mini| session by Sea and Pine Design is a great way to bring magic to your next special occasion. I can help you dream up a one of a kind celebration and guide you on how to bring it to life. *This session must be booked 1 month prior to event date -30 minute initial consultation to brainstorm and collaborate on ideas (via Zoom video conference or phone) -Initial party plan via Google Sheets (includes party details, guest list, invitation ideas, party agenda, ideas for games and activities, ideas for food and beverages, ideas for party favors, etc. with product links delivered within 7 days via email) -Multiple design revisions until party plan is perfect -A final party plan with curated party picks and a shopping list with links for purchasing


    A DECORATE |Mini| package is an online interior design service offered by Sea and Pine Design to help you reimagine an existing room or come up with a design for a new room in your home. What makes this service different? -All online + On Your Schedule -Get design ideas sent straight to your inbox and collaborate over email or phone -No charging by the hour, package is priced per room -Work within your budget The DECORATE |Mini| package includes: -30 minute initial consultation to collaborate with Sea and Pine Design (via online Zoom video conference or over the phone) -Initial design plan via Google Sheets (includes mood board, products list, floor plan and design suggestions) delivered within 3 days via email -Multiple design revisions until the decor plan is perfect -A final design plan with curated design picks and a shopping list with links for purchasing How the process works? 1. Send pictures of your room to Sea and Pine Design via email or text. 2. Share about yourself and your room (who uses the room, your style, budget, lifestyle, etc.) during the initial consultation. Once all info is gathered, Sea and Pine Design will get to work creating designs you’ll love. 3. Work with Sea and Pine Design to make changes until you're 100% happy. 4. Shop your whole look (or just the parts you love) in one easy document. *Make sure to note during checkout if you would rather have your initial consultation over the phone verses Zoom video conference.

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    Today, I am showing you an easy DIY project on how to make neutral/textured eggs. Especially, if you are someone who is not in love with pastel colors - which seems to be in most stores for the Spring season. As someone who likes to add subtle seasonal touches to my everyday decor - I chose to pair my textured eggs with moss and added them in my baguette board. I did not link products, because all of the products for this project can be found at your local Walmart. I included pictures of the products for you to look for when shopping online or onsite. |SUPPLIES| +Plastic Dyeable Eggs +Artificial moss (if adding to a bowl) +Mod Podge +Acrylic paints (brown, black & white) +Brush +Foam plates +salt & pepper +bowl (one you have at home) |STEP ONE| Open up the eggs and put them on a foam plate. Lay out a second foam plate for sprinkling on the salt. Brush each egg with a layer of Mod Podge, then sprinkle with a coating of salt. You can go heavier with the salt in some areas if you would like a different look. I used fine and course salt for different textures. |STEP TWO| Let the eggs dry for at least 30 minutes. You will be able to tell when the Mod Podge and salt is dry because it will be hard and not flake off as easily. After the eggs are dry, rub off the excess salt with your fingers. |STEP THREE| Squeeze out 2 blobs of white paint on a plate. Add a drop of brown paint to one and a drop of black paint to the other. Mix with your brush until you have the desired color. Makes as many shades of color as you would like. Paint or dab each egg with the brush. I used a dabbing technique and also went back and forth my colors until I reached my desired look. I like to start light and then go darker in some areas. I was trying to create the look of weathered concrete. |STEP FOUR| Let the eggs dry. |STEP FIVE| Add moss to your bowl and spread the eggs around.


    This one is for all you mom's who feel like "Barbie" is another member of your household. She has this beautiful dream house, however, her stuff ends up all over the house! My little girl is 6 and is in that magical stage where she loves to play with Barbie dolls. It warms my heart to hear her having conversations between her Barbie friends and dressing them up for special occasions. But let's be real, Barbie has way too many accessories and really no good way to organize it. I search Pinterest for organizing ideas and could not find anything better than the plastic bins we were using. It was like searching for a needle in a haystack! Then, I came across this rolling cart on Amazon: This little cart literally rolled in and saved our Barbie storage problem! Let me show you how we use it to keep Barbie organized: First, I did not install the handle that came with the cart. I chose to leave it off since the cart would be stationary for us. Also, I did not install the wheels for this very same reason. |TOP SECTION| The top section of the cart comes with plastic dividers that you can move around. You can create big or small sections depending on what you need. I used all of the dividers to create as many sections as I could for all the small accessories (shoes, clothes hangers, purses, jewelry, food, kitchen accessories, etc.) |MIDDLE & BOTTOM SECTIONS| I store all of the Barbie "sets" or extra furniture for the dream house in the middle and bottom sections of the cart. It is perfect for storing her special themed Barbie sets. |HANGING CUPS & HOOKS| The cart also comes with 3 cups and 4 hooks to hang on the side of the cart. I like to use the cups to store the dolls. The dolls stand up perfectly in the cups. I use the hooks to hang extra furniture pieces, specialty sets, bicycle, etc. We have used this system for several months now and I love it! It is easy to maintain because everything has a spot. My daughter is able to find the accessories she needs and knows which section to return them to when cleaning up. I parked the cart beside her Barbie dream house so everything is easily accessible while she plays.


    The kitchen in many homes is often the spot where many non-kitchen related essentials of your family's life ends up. It is where you spend a lot of time as a family and often the passageway in and out of your home. Stuff just seems to LAND and it is helpful to have a system in place! When my kids started school, I found the kitchen was the spot where we finished getting ready in the mornings. The kids would dress in their rooms and head to the kitchen to eat breakfast. After plating their food, I would go to the pantry to get out their vitamins. Then, I would run back to my daughter's room to get her hair brush/hair ties and shoot across the hall to my son's room to get his hair gel. As they ate breakfast, I would style their hair for school. After breakfast, I would run back to their rooms to get the toothbrushes and toothpaste. It was just easier to do everything together in one spot. After running the morning marathon, we would be heading out the door for school and one of them would need a band-aid. So I would run back into the house all the way to my bathroom where I housed the bandaids. In the evenings I would come home to find vitamin bottles and hair brushes left on the counter. Toothbrushes and toothpaste would be by the sink. I would go around collecting everything to put away, only to get it back out again the next day. I felt like I was stuck in the Groundhog's Day movie - something had to give! Enter the Mom's corner! I decided to designate a spot in our kitchen for this exact function and put a system in place for that "stuff." It is literally in the corner of our kitchen, right by our laundry room, which leads to our mudroom area, and then out to the garage. One main feature I love about every element of this area is that it can be easily taken out by section to be portable around the house (if needed), and then easily placed back. Most have handles, are see-through and are clearly labeled. Here’s a breakdown of each area: |THE BOTTOM SHELF| The bottom shelf consists of our daily vitamins/medications, hair caddy and basket of face masks. We start and end each day with the bottom shelf of this cabinet because of our morning/night medicines and vitamins. My favorite is the hair caddy! I pull it down and put it on the counter while the kids eat their breakfast. Everything I need for hair is is one spot. I also included a spot for extra toothbrushes/toothpaste so they can brush their teeth right in the kitchen versus going back to the ones they keep in their bathrooms. This caddy really helps out on school mornings when we are in a hurry. |THE TOP SHELF| The top shelf consists of the first aid caddy, cold medicine caddy, pain/prescription medicines and itch medicines. I like that this shelf is on top and out of the kids' reach. The first aid caddy has come in real handy! I pull it down whenever the kids need a band-aid, need their temperature checked or an injury that requires an ointment. So that’s it! As a mom, you don't have just your needs - you have to take care of your family. This little corner of the kitchen has saved me over and over again especially when time is tight! Everything is placed so that I can easily find it and take it around the house as needed, then put it right back where it belongs! No more mom marathons in the morning! Link for caddy found on Amazon:

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